Waterside Terraces – Penrith – Stockland – Selling Fast

We are happy to have secured properties for a number of our clients. If you are still interested please call Christopher Lowry direct on 0411 172 000.

There are a limited number of properties available and this is a fantastic opportunity to secure some high yield, turnkey apartments with completion late 2012

Please see below

Floorplan for the Remaining 1 bedder –

Waterside Terraces – 1 bedroom – 7319A

Floorplans for remaining 2 bedders

Waterside Terraces – 2 bedroom – 7320A

Waterside Terraces – 2 bedroom – 7321A

Floorplans for various buildings

Waterside Terraces – Building -Thornbill

Waterside Terraces – Building -Egret

Waterside Terraces – Building – Kestral

Overall Masterplan

Waterside Terraces – Masterplan

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