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Can I attend routine inspections with my agent?
A question that many landlord’s don’t seem to ask but should!! Most agents will just do the routine inspection and send the landlord a report from the inspection. I always think it is a good idea for a landlord to attend at least 1 inspection per year for piece of mind knowing that the property is being maintained up to an acceptable standard.

If you are wanting to attend the next routine inspection it is as simple as calling your agent and advising them of a time and date that is suitable for you to attend the inspection. It is always a good idea to give the agent a few different date options as the tenant may not be available when you are.

At ULH if the landlord doesn’t attend the inspection with us we also provide not only a written report on the condition of the property but also some photo’s so the landlord can actually see for themselves.

If you need any further information please give me a call!


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