Urban Land & Housing Group – Landlord Tips – Smoke Alarms In Rental Properties

Urban Land & Housing Group – Landlord Tips – Smoke Alarms In Rental Properties

In New South Wales, all rental properties are required to be fitted with smoke alarms in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2006.
Under the Residential Tenancies Act:
– Landlords are responsible for the installation of smoke alarms in rented premises.
– Landlords have the right of access to rented premises to fit or maintain smoke alarms after giving the tenant at least 2 days notice.
– Neither the landlord nor the tenant are, except with reasonable excuse, permitted to remove or interfere with the operation of a smoke alarm fitted in the rented premises.
– Where a smoke alarm is of the type that has a replaceable battery, it is recommended that the landlord put a new battery in at the commencement of a tenancy.
– After the tenancy begins, the tenant is responsible for replacing the battery if needed. Fire and Rescue NSW can assist elderly tenants or those physically unable to change a smoke detector battery.
– The condition report includes a specific reference to smoke alarms so that tenants and landlords are able to note and comment on the presence of smoke alarms at the beginning and end of the tenancy.

The repair or replacement of a smoke alarm can be considered an urgent repair; it is best to ensure smoke alarms are compliant with the current legislation at all times.

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