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Many tenants view their rent being late as a simple case of forgetting/overlooking the payment – however it is a serious matter.

The reason we will immediately follow this up is because it is of major inconvenience to the landlord.

In almost all instances the landlord will have a mortgage on the property and thus has periodical payments to the bank.

These simply cannot be missed – and by a tenant delaying or not paying rent on time – this can affect the credit rating of your landlord.

Therefore in the first instance we will call, email and send an SMS.

However when the process gets to 14 days – things are escalated.

A lot of tenants are not sure of how the process works when they are in arrears and receive a termination notice, therefore here is a quick run down of how the process works.

When a tenant becomes 14 or more days in arrears they are issued with a termination notice for non-payment of rent.

This notice will give you 14 days to either vacate the property or catch up on the arrears that are due.

The agent or landlord must also allow 4 days postage and handling from the date the termination notice was sent. The agent / landlord can also now apply to tribunal on the same day that they issue the termination notice.

If the agent has applied to tribunal you will receive a notice in the mail to attend a hearing of which it will be decided whether you have made a sufficient attempt to rectify the arrears and can remain at the property or whether you must vacate.

Most agents are happy to put a “payment plan” in place where you will agree to pay an extra amount each week on top of your weekly rent to catch up the arrears that are owed.

 The best advice – pay your rent on time and have consideration for your landlord.

After all – one day you will need little things done to improve, repair the property and the nicer you are to your landlord, the nicer they will be to you

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