Team Lowry assured safety on the Kokoda Track!

Team Lowry assured safety on the Kokoda Track!

Is now less than 42 days before Team Lowry (Peter, Nigel and Chris) embark on their mission to raise money for Wayside Chapel by trekking the Kokoda Track.
Already over $11,470 has been raised by the team

The recent events in PNG have certainly resulted in some emails to confirm everything is OK.
This is a horrible incident for both the families of the porters who were attacked and for PNG.
The incident which happened the other day occurred on the The Black Cat Track. This track runs from the village of Salamaua on the coast of the Huon Gulf, south into the mountains to the town of Wau. It is about 400kms north of Kokoda. There is very little traffic across this in comparison to the Kokoda Track and much less infrastructure. The Kokoda Track has its own governing body – The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) – that ensures the safety and maintenance of the Track.
It is also important to note that the porters and guides we are going with are from the villages along the track so we will be walking through their villages and homes.
The Kokoda Track is considered to be a safe destination by DFAT and there is no history of violence or attacks on trekkers.
We are confident we are in safe hands and can’t wait to meet the locals and pay tribute to the Kokoda legend.

It is certainly not too late to donate and every little bit counts.
Please see and thank you in advance.

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