Landlord Tip – Can my agent pay rates on my behalf?

When owning an investment property one of the best reasons to have an agent managing your property is for peace of mind.

This definitely comes into play when trying to juggle all of the rates that are due for an investment property.

We like to make this as easy as possible for our landlords and therefore offer the service whereby all rates associated with the property such as council rates, water rates, strata rates get sent directly to us and we are able to pay them from the rent collected.

This also is applicable to any maintenance bills that may be required to be paid. This process ensures that rates will never be late or payments missed.

Any bill that has been taken from the rent should appear on that months statement showing a detailed description of which bill was paid and also the amount and invoice number.

We also send our landlords the original bill with the statement and keep a copy in the office for our records.

When it comes to water bills we offer the service of paying the entire bill as well as charging the tenant for their share of the water usage, we allow 14 days for the water usage to be paid and then this is paid directly to the landlord fee free.

If you have any questions regarding this or need any advice please give me a call and I would be happy to assist


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