Tenant Tip – How to fill in an ingoing report

Filling out a condition report

At the start of every tenancy you need to fill out a condition report. This is a record of the general condition of the property, on a room by room basis, including fittings and fixtures. You should take your time to fill it out with as much detail and accuracy as possible. The condition report will be the key piece of evidence at the end of the tenancy if there is a dispute about who should pay for cleaning, damage or the replacement of missing items.

Completing the report

1.Three copies of the condition report are filled out and signed by the landlord or the landlords agent.

2.Before the tenancy begins, the agent must inspect the residential premises and record the condition of the premises by indicating whether the particular room is clean, undamaged and by working by placing “Y” (Yes) or “N”(No) in the appropriate column. Where necessary , comments should be included in the report. The agent should also indicate “Yes” or “No” in relation to the matters set out under the headings “Health Issues”, “Communication Facilities” and :Water efficiency devices”

3.If you (the tenant) has agreed to pay for water usage charges under the residential Tenancy agreement , the landlord agent must also indicate whether the premises have the required water efficiency measures.

4.Two copies of the report which have been filled out and signed by the landlord agents must be given to you before or when signing your lease. The landlord’s agent keeps the third copy.

5.As soon as possible after you (Tenant) signs the lease, you must inspect the premises and complete the tenant section of the condition report. You must indicate agreement or disagreement with the condition indicated by the landlord’s agent by placing “Y” (Yes) or “N” (No) in the appropriate column and by making and appropriate comments on the form.

It is often minor damage which causes disputes rather than obvious damage so make sure any damage, however minor, is noted and is suitably described.

You may wish to take photos or videos, which have the date on them, to back up the written condition report.

Please give me a call if you need any further information regarding your ingoing report.

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