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It is very easy to change managing agents and is not the daunting task that some people think it might be.

The first step is to check your agency agreement to see how much notice you need to give your current agent. Then you must give your current agent a letter or email to advise them that you wish to give them notice to terminate the agency agreement (In most cases your new agent will draw the letter up and you just need to sign in). It is always a good idea to call your current agent to confirm they have received the notice.

Once this has been done you will need to sign a new agency agreement with the new agent that will be handling your property. Ensure to have a thorough read through of the agreement and make sure you understand all of the charges prior to signing the agreement, should you have any questions regarding the agreement make sure you ask the new agent to explain them to you.

This should be the only thing you as the landlord need to do, everything else from handing over keys and documents to advising your tenant over the change over should be done by your new agent.

Your new agent should liase with your old agent to ensure it is a smooth and pain free transition.

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