Thuong Chamberlain

Thuong Chamberlain Real Estate Agent

Thuong started her career in Real estate after High school with always having a passion for property. With the love of meeting people and creating meaningful relationships, along with her eye for detail, Thuong found the perfect role in Residential Property Management.

After being in Property Management for about 10 years focusing on the South-West region, there are no two days are the same. This in turn has kept Thuong motivated to improve, be more forward thinking and continually educate herself with changing laws so that she can always act in her client’s best interest. It has been a rewarding career from being a receptionist, property manager and now a Department Head. Thuong’s main aim always is to provide the best service to all clients and believe empathy, communication, knowing the facts and being trusted advisors is the key to success.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Thuong finds solace in routine, dedicating time each week to the gym  & reading. Thuong and her spouse revel in exploring diverse cultures and cuisines through their travels. Her life's journey, both professionally and personally, is a testament to her dedication, resilience, and a zest for building meaningful connections.

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