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We have experienced a pretty good July despite the doom and gloom in the market.
There has definitely been a focus on the cheaper end house and land turnkey product as well as long term delayed settlement houses/apartments.
Notwithstanding – developments with a stand out point of difference have also done well (i.e. Stonecutters Ridge, Waterside)

We’ve seen that there have been 3 key concerns in people’s minds through July.

1.) The US Issue – and the general world economy – which now seems to be under control (for the time being)
2.) Interest Rates – Westpac were talking decreases, then the other banks increases – what’s the story? – this seems to be under control with RBA keeping on hold
3.) Carbon Tax – What does it all mean? Another tax? – it would appear this will burn out with the shock jocks and media finding something else to create a stir.

However the fundamentals keep chugging along and this relates to supply and demand.
There is still not enough supply for the demand. People need housing.

Therefore in our opinion, come the traditional Spring Season, people will loosen their purse strings and get out and about to look at purchasing.
As such we believe that both October (until the X-Mas decorations go up!) and February 2012 are going to be very busy months.

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The Land Sales Team at Urban Land and Housing

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