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Meet your Local Edmondson Park Real Estate Team

Meet your local Edmondson Park real estate team. With a proven track record of providing top sale prices in the area, allow our friendly team at Edmondson Park to help you fulfil all your real estate needs.

Contact our team today for a complimentary property appraisal or to get in touch regarding property management options.

Urban has created a lot of success in this town centre precinct with over 1,300 lots sold in the local area. In the last 12 months, Urban has sold approximately 80 houses in Edmondson Park and continues to grow its relations with the community to ensure we provide the best possible experience for our clients.

Our team is combined of passionate real estate agents and property managers that can deliver the complete range of services to our clients. Our team share a common vision of excellence and are fuelled by a passion for what they do.

Conrad Nissirios 

Director of Residential Sales  

0418 676 570 

Jesse Johnson 

Sales Manager 

0415 077 368 

David Power 

Sales Manager 

0487 001 487 

Kevin Zaidan 

Residential Sales Agent 

0412 245 114 

Bassam Hendy 

Residential Sales Agent 

0425 311 251 

Amy Boers 

Residential Sales Agent 

0432 082 760 

Tori Aquilina 

Head of Property Management 

0487 000 401 

Thuong (Tee) Hoang 

Property Manager 

0487 720 010 

Lisa Overall 

Property Consultant 

0419 215 878 

Luca Amorosi 

Property Consultant 

0487 003 083 

Jiahui Karena Gan 

Residential Sales Agent 

0410 200 456 

Maria Senethep 

Office Manager 

(02) 9627 8889 

Bronwyn McDermott-Brown  

Investment Relations Manager 

0432 050 654  

Christopher Tautaiolefua 

Property Officer 

0447 041 124 

Saurabh (Robin) Kalra 

Property Consultant 

0450 679 021 

Timothy Strelnikow 

Associate Agent 

0424 950 656 


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