Rental FAQs

Rental FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions

The Marketing of My Property

What do you do to advertise my property?
Once you have signed the Management Agreement authorising us to act on your behalf, we will list your property as per the package you have chosen:

  1. Essentials Package
    – List inclusions here with icons
  2. Standard Package
    – List inclusions here with icons
  3. Premium Package
    – List inclusions here with icons

Property Presentation

How should the property be presented when open for inspection?

  • We ask that the property be presented in the best manner possible to attract the right tenant for your asset. We don’t want to create a negative impression to draw away the right tenant from renting the property
  • Please refer to our guide ‘Getting your Property Ready for Tenancy’ which includes tips and a checklist on how to present your property for rent.

How clean should the property be when a new tenant moves in?

  • The property should be presented ‘reasonably clean’ in accordance with legislative requirements.
  • Please refer to our guide to ‘Getting your Property Ready for Tenancy’ in Section Two for recommended levels of cleanliness.
  • As a very general rule we ask the tenant to leave the property at the standard they found it
  • In cases where the property is provided at an extreme level cleanliness, we ask the tenant to leave the property likewise. However, in case of a dispute legally, we can enforce that the tenant returned the property in a ‘reasonably clean’ condition, this being their minimum legal obligation.

The Application process

  • The application process is purely online and has a simple procedure that the prospective tenant can fill using their device. Furthermore, they must provide a 100 points ID.
  • The application is then checked by our specialist leasing team, including confirmation of:
    • Confirmation of identification
    • Employment details current & past
    • Living arrangements Current & past
    • Tenancy reference checks
    • TICA check
  • The application is then collated & placed forward to yourself as the owner to make the final decision
  • We pride ourselves on educating our landlords & providing a professional recommendation when it comes to a tenancy application

Breaches of Tenancy

What happen if the tenant breaks one or more of the conditions of tenancy?
If the tenant breaches the tenancy, we will approach them verbally and in writing.

Serious breaches of tenancy may involve using the property for illegal purpose or bringing in pets without prior permission etc. We will, let you know whether we should serve a termination notice on the tenants first or use other means to rectify breach.

Costs Incurred at My Rental Property

Who pay for water usage charges?
Water usage charges are charged to the tenant if your property has a separate water meter. The water usage charge will appear on your water rate notice. You will need to have water efficiency measures installed at the commencement of the tenancy.

How do you calculate what water usage charges the tenant has to pay?
Usage charges appear on and form part of your water rate notice. Should you wish to charge the tenant for water used during the tenancy please send us a copy of the front and back pages of your rate notice and we will charge the tenant for the water used during that period. Most landlords request that we pay water rates on their behalf so we can arrange the collection of water usage automatically.

What about council and sewerage rate?
All these costs must be paid by the landlord as specified by legislation. Charges for excess rubbish, sanitary charges and charges for pumping out a septic system can be charged to the tenant.

These rates can be managed by us, the bills just need to be redirected to our office.