Landlord services

Our experienced Property Management division is the most progressive in the area, skillfully managing an extensive rental portfolio. Treating each property with the care it deserves, we are committed to maximising returns on your valued investment and ensuring a stress-free experience for you.

As a landlord we understand your desire to have your property investment perform as any other investment. To that end, we believe our role is simple – provide maximum rental return, ensure protection of your asset, guarantee immediate payment of all income and take any stress and distraction out of the leasing process. We also understand your desire to manage your investment in real time. Our sophisticated systems enable online access to your property details, allowing you to view your monthly statements, check disbursements and keep track of your investment property financials.

Given our market presence, we are often the first port of call for tenants looking to rent in the area, which is reflected in our lower-than-market-average vacancy rates. We highly value our tenants, many of whom have been renting through us for many years, so we have an extensive database of long-term clients.

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