Luca Amorosi

Luca Amorosi Real Estate Agent
Luca has been in Real Estate for almost 10 years, from a Leasing Officer to Property Manager and now Business Development. Real Estate is something he gets really excited about, the experience, the comradery with people he works with is something that he loves.

He's not shy and can talk to anyone about anything, and can pretty much have a laugh at anything. In saying that, knowing how to approach a client is something also important to him. Knowing whether the client is very professional or whether you can be more relaxed is important to make sure you are giving all the information the client wants but also all the information the client needs.

The secret to Luca's success is always wanting to learn and develop skills and to always strive to be better. Standing still is just as good as going backyards, and Luca is always looking to move forward. No matter how good you are there is always something new to learn or try.

Luca has chosen Urban because is not like other regular Real Estate Agencies, Urban provides seemingly endless tools to achieve results. For such a large company with many employees, everyone works together to achieve results and a great outcome for their vendors & clients.

Luca's properties

Revesby Heights 23 Bardo Circuit 

4 2 2 Land 376 m2 



Botany 25 Wilson Street 

4 2 2 Land 260 m2 



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