Ayesha Humayoun

Ayesha Humayoun Real Estate Agent

I have an experience of more than 4 years in administration department, where I communicate with and provide administrative support to senior and executive staff. 

I have often been required to go beyond the usual functions of my role to provide  adequate assistance and resolve major issues. Having performed in roles that deal with sensitive issues I am well practiced in meeting tight deadlines and employing extreme discretion.

I often work across many functions at one time, I use a variety of tools to prioritise and
organise my work, and schedule my time. Although simple tools, I use a diary and task list to track
my daily activity requirements and the accuracy of the information contained is crucial for tracking
productivity information and reporting against personal and team key performance indicators. It
also helps me to prioritise tasks against approaching deadlines and can highlight bottlenecks in
timelines. By identifying conflicting deadlines, I am able to prioritise the most important tasks to
ensure that my timelines and plans are not compromised.

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